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When Cupid Strikes, Love Prospers; It’s Time for feasting Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine’s Day or the erstwhile Christian Feast Day was celebrated as the principal day in Christian fraternity to honour the martyrdom of Saint Valentine, which over the years have turned out to be a religious Christian fervor. Valentine’s Day, as it is known in the new world and among the new age groups, has become quite a symbolic celebration of love, romance, and commitment of togetherness reiterated by the young souls.

The Feast of Saint Valentine was recognised by Pope Gelasius I in the year AD 496, for marking the celebration on February 14 in honour of Saint Valentine of Rome, who was laid to the rest in AD 269. The day since then embarks the romantic love of the 14th and 15th centuries during the times of courtly love. The day was most likably associated with the idea of "lovebirds" from the early spring.

The England in 18th Century saw the rise in the expression of love among the couples, where flowers were exchanges and greeting cards were posted. These cards became the “Valentines”. Talking in today’s sense, Valentine’s Day objects have become quite frequent, and these include doves, figurines of winged cupids, heart shaped adumbrations and many more. Off the 19th Century, the days were in vogue when hand written valentines were embellished on greeting cards.

On the other hand, In Italy, smartly designed Saint Valentine's Keys are gifted to the lovers, considering it as genuine romantic symbol and the only genuine means to unlock the heart of the lover. There are also special moments, where the children are given Saint Valentine’s Malady, symbolic of removing epilepsy.

Birth of Multiple Folk Forms

New folk forms are connected to Saint Valentine, and a few of these forms are the result of marginalisation coming straight from the Anglo-American customs. According to the customs, Valentine’s Day is a dignified way of celebrating the romantic love, but certainly not like the true courtly love. The age old tradition of posting cards, chocolates and the cards has relation to the traditional customs in the England. ‘Jack’ Valentine comes knocking on the back door, and this is a popular tradition in Norfolk.

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