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Feasting on the Harvest Festival Overwhelmed by Thanksgiving Gestures

Thanksgiving Day is famous in the USA and the North American continent, where it is celebrated as the holiday, iconic with harvesting and garnering the blessings of the year. In its heyday years of celebration, the day had religious sentiments attached, but with the changing times, these religious sentiments subdued, transforming into a secular day, which holds everything under its garb for people belonging to different faiths. In the USA, Thanksgiving Day is expressed by people by dispensing food and gifts among the people. In a few of these gestures, moments also come across the way where people do not miss the opportunity to express their love towards fellow citizens by writing a letter and then reading aloud in the open public. However, in the UK where Thanksgiving Day is not celebrated on equitable terms like in the US, the day is often marked by Thanksgiving service, held in Saint Pauls Cathedral in London.

Historical Relevance of Thanksgiving Day

The history of Thanksgiving Day dates back to the year 1621, during this time, the Plymouth colonists as well as Wampanoag Native Americans get together and celebrate a collective autumn harvest festival. Subsequently, in the year 1623, Thanksgiving Day was the way to mark the end of drought day and a religious fast, which the governor of Bradford had organised. Referring to the regions of the New England, observance of thanksgiving and fasting became nothing more than an occasion and the practice for the new settlement colonies.

The UK Way of Celebrating Thanksgiving

'Harvest Festival' or the Thanksgiving Day had been among the oldest festive occasions celebrated by the communities in the UK, when in the year 1843, Robert Hawker sent to the parishioners around for celebrating and becoming the part of the Thanksgiving service in church of Cornwall. In the ancient times, Thanksgiving was seen as the day of fertility and harvesting. People in the UK used to please the god by way of serving him the first bundle of the corn, as this would bring more harvesting in the seasons that followed. On the Thanksgiving Day, the ceremonial offering of hare, alongside the last bundle of corn became most prevalent.

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