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Solidarity and Forbearance for Patriotic Servicemen

Service before the self and serving the country makes you a true human, and enriches you with an ever flowing idea – you are living on this planet for creating value. The Remembrance Sunday, or Remembrance Day in the UK is the day of commemoration, when the Commonwealth Military as well as the civilian servicemen and women made their contribution in the World War 1 and the World War II. In the UK, this special day is celebrated on Second Sunday in the November, on the Armistice Day, which is also the day of end of war aggressions in First World War in the year 1918. These men and women also belong to the members from the Royal British Legion, as much as they are from the armed forces from the local counties and Reserve Units from Royal Marines, Royal Air Force, Territorial Army, Royal Naval Reserve etc.

On the Day of Remembrance, several representatives from judiciary and other dignitaries participate in the wreath laying ceremony, wherein poppies are offered on the tombstones along with observance of two minutes silence. It is also the opportune time when the bells in nearby churches rung half-muffled, leading to an ostensibly unique kind of sombre effect. The total time of service on Remembrance Day is approximately two hours. Besides, the Remembrance Sunday inside the England Church marks the day of the liturgical period on the Allsaintstide.

Focus on the Remembrance Day

The principal emphasis of Remembrance Day is on Armistice Day, the day of death of war heroes and gallants on First World War. Activities staging dignitaries from civil life and the war veterans become an ostensible part of Remembrance Day.

The first Remembrance Day was commemorated at Buckingham Palace, after the World War I ended. On this moment, King George V also held "Banquet in Honour of The President of the French Republic". On the 11th of November, in the year 1919, there was silence for two minutes observed.

In the year1920, Armistice Day was celebrated, where funeral service was held for the soldiers and patriots who fought for their country and their bodies were not claimed. Armistice Day is meant for distinguishing the horrors of war with the only purpose to not commit them again; while there are many others for whom this day is symbolic of the honour of military service.

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