Low Priced New Year Travel Flight Deals


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Exciting UK Flight Deals for the New Year’s Day

The day of New Year marks auspicious moments and many of these moments become really exciting and celebrated for the months to follow. Jan the 1st, 2022 is the New Year Eve according to the Gregorian’s calendar; a time where unique customs as well as the traditions unify together for the Britons. You cannot call it just any other usual day in the UK. On the eve of the New Year, the happening city of London hosts 20 Minutes of New Year Fireworks adjacent to the Big Ben.

Despite the fact that New Year's Day has bank closure, and most of the official activities are on a stand still, the excitement at Big Ben or the London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel London continues to pull up hundreds and thousands of crowds along the Thames River. The amazing pyrotechnics shows up soon after the Big Ben midnight, and all of it is accompanied by exciting music performance.

New Year’s Day Celebrations in the UK

Sat, 1 Jan, 2022 was marked by festivities that were surprisingly ecstatic and overjoyed by the people of the UK. The celebrations begin one day before the New Year’s Eve on the December the 31. Britons host New Year parties at home, while many others travel to restaurants and bars and live joyous moments. People pass on their wishes as they throw open Champagne, Scotch and other exotic range of costly beverages. This is also the moment when the clock is slowly and gradually ticking to strike 12.

Fire Procession, Allendale

Britons living in Allendale, Northumberland, England, organise the New Year Day’s festivities, marked by glittering Fire Procession. The procession is where the men carry the barrels filled with Lit Tar over their heads and later giving them to huge bonfire, lit in the village square.

Hogmanay, First Footing and Loony Dook in Scotland

The people of Scotland indulge themselves in organising torchlight events on the eve of Hogmanay, which is basically the Scottish word for the year’s last day. Majority of Scots party on the New Year and sing the poem written by Auld Lang Syne as they hold the hands together. Loony Dook is celebrated on January 1 in Scotland, where a selective group of decorated people jump into frozen waters to collect the money for charity works.

Great Flight Deals Come Across the Way on Sat, 1 Jan, 2022

The day of New Year is not only about the celebrations, but plenty of international travelling happens too. There are low cost deals available on the outbound UK flights offered by several international airlines. These deals also come with amazing offers, and some of these offers you have not even thought about in your dreams.