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Mother is the World and Mother’s Day is a Gracious Way of Honouring the World

Mothers are the harbingers; the progenitors; and the motivation behind the child and the family. To a child, she sums up into a whole new universe, nothing that is more covetous and equally convincing to the life. Don’t we need to honour them? Mother’s Day is the pride to honour these individuals.

Historical Significance of Mother’s Day

Anna Jarvis was the principal woman behind the creation of the idea of Mother’s Day in the year 1908, with the idea to honour Motherhood and give a special meaning to it. The day became official holiday in the USA in 1914. Later on, Jarvis was quick enough to condemn commercial aspect of the holiday and fought for the deletion of this day from the calendar. From the traditional aspect, this day is remembrance of the hard work and commitment that mothers in the world have been known for. The day earmarked as Mother’s Day is symbolic of distribution of bouquets, cards and plenty of other souvenirs of different types.

Revelations around the mothers and motherhood dates back to the times of the era of Greeks and Romans, when they made special offerings to the mother goddesses, sending honours to Rhea and Cybele. Although, the most conspicuous modern model for Mother’s Day represents the Christian festival of “Mothering Sunday”.

Mother’s Day in the UK

Mother’s Day is celebrated with immense fervor in the UK and all over the Europe. The day comes on fourth Sunday in the Lent, and the time when the pious and the trustworthy will come to “Mother Church”. The celebrations surrounding Mother’s Day then shifted into quite secular way of life where children would present their mothers some kind of superb souvenir, which is more often a true ensemble of appreciation.

In the UK, the day is also known as Simnel Sunday because on this families unite together in one place and bake fresh and yummy Simnel Cakes, made from double layers of rich fruit layers, boiled in the water. The cake is also layered with marzipan to keep the freshness inside completely intact.

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