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Halloween – The Trick or Treat Day and the Old Age Celtic Tradition

Halloween or Hallowe’en is a popular Celtic event facilitated on 31st October every year in English speaking lands and all across the Europe. On the occasion of Halloween, children get dressed up in different types of awfully dreadful attires and then stroll around house to house to play upon the conjure tricks, if they are not treated well. In the literal fear, the frightened house owners provide different types of treats such as sweets, chocolates, candies, etc. to the children and prevent them from playing tricks.

Halloween and Its Essence

The essence of Halloween can trace back to the Samhain festival, which was celebrated by the celts, who were the farming and agricultural communities living in the areas of Britain, Northern France and the Ireland. Basically, in the pre-Christian Celtic year, Samhain was the time when summers ended and it led into the dark and cold winters. During these times the festival of Halloween was symbolic of establishment of critical boundary between the living world and the nether world.

Celts had a long tradition of belief that on the night of 31st October, ghosts or the souls of their ancestors would reenter this world of mortals and to commemorate this re-entry, huge bonfires are lit in small and big hamlets to keep away from the evil spirits and let the community prosper.

Britain and the Halloween

All across the Britain, Halloween is generally celebrated in the form of children’s games like bobbing for apples in water filled tumblers, reciting the stories related to ghosts, elfs and goblins and modeling the faces into hollowed-out vegetables like the swedes and turnips. The faces are then illuminated from inside by the led candles these days. Many households display the lanterns over the window sills to prevent evil spirits. In the latest development, the concept of pumpkins as the face shield comes from the USA.

In England, Halloween is also seen as “Mischief Night,” among the “lawless nights” played by nothing else but the unpunished pranks. And the pranks hold the significance to the reason that several young men carry out wide range of practical jokes of different kinds, making the event quite alighted and growing for everyone.

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