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The Day of Christ’s Resurrection and Momentous Celebration of Life

Easter Monday proceeds after the Easter Sunday, and this is the time of celebration when Jesus Christ was resurrected to life after his fructification. Each year the Easter Monday celebrations occur after the Easter Sunday, but days on which it is celebrated vary from country to country and region to region. Easter Sunday or Easter Monday, earlier these auspicious days were the part of the Holy Easter Week, but during the early 19TH century the days were contracted to single day celebrations. There are countries in Europe as well as South America, where Easter Monday is marked as “Little Easter” while the Catholic Church is known as the “Monday of the Angel.”

Holiday on Easter Monday in the UK

Easter Monday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is the Bank Holiday, but there is a general working day in the Scotland. Besides, there are several businesses and companies, which are not functional on Easter Monday. But you definitely have the local stores open where anything to everything related to Easter concept is available for shopping. Public transport systems work on altered timings, and therefore you need to confirm the precise working timings for your own convenience. On the eve of Easter Monday, there is excessive congestion on roads and even in the train compartments as people are travelling to and fro after meeting their friends and relatives.

Activities on Easter Monday in the UK

Easter Monday is in fact the last day of a four day weekend. This is the time around which many people are travelling back to their homes, while there are a few travellers, who just want to get the feel the enjoyment of spring. Egg rolling competitions are held in several communities in the UK. Other activities such as Easter bonnet parades, and presentation of traditional Morris dancing fairs including the special sports matches become much of a hype on Easter Monday.

In Biddenden, Kent, there are specially baked cakes distributed in reminiscence of conjoined twins who were born in 1100, and lived to the age of 34. The hamlets of Hallaton and Medbourne in Leicestershire organise bottle kicking match on Easter Monday with a marching parade. Initially three bottles of the shape of wooden barrels and a hare pie are kept.

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