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The day of Unboxing and Removing Empty Cartons from Christmas Gifts

Boxing Day conventionally falls on 26 December, on the day falling after Christmas Day, though many individuals of the Christian belief have the belief that it cannot be celebrated on Sunday, as it is the day of Lord; the day of worshipping the Christ. Therefore, the Boxing Day, in such an event is celebrated on 27 December.

The day originated in United Kingdom and later the celebration became a historic moment in countries that were once the part of British Empire. On this day, many shops and malls in the UK are open and preparing themselves for sales in January. Transportation for the public becomes almost limited, though the repair and other industrial works continue at their own pace and development. In the UK, traditional way of gifting people to tradesmen from different working class including the milkmen, tailors, and a lot more.

There is another interpretation to the Boxing Day, and it is where this is the occasion where priests follow the custom of unboxing the alms boxes in churches soon after the Christmas Day. The boxes contain money that has been donated by the locals on the day of Christmas and several days around the Christmas.

Rituals behind the Boxing Day

The idea of Boxing Day emanates from the fact that people who have received boxed gifts on the eve of Christmas will be removing them from their homes. The precise origin of Boxing Day relates to middle ages of the England. In general sense of things, masses consider “Boxing Day” as the day of “Leftovers.” Several people organise food feast like Turkey curry, turkey pies and turkey sandwich on Christmas Day and this fest continues through the entire week, which also includes Boxing Day. There were also the moments Manchester United Team played Foxes at Leicester on this day.

Public Holiday and Boxing Day

In the UK there is a public holiday declared, and most of the banks remain closed. Official declaration of holiday has been proclaimed since 1871. In fact, it is also a holiday for the general masses, and besides, schools and several business organisations are shut down.

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