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Flights To Hangzhou From London

Cheap Flights to Hangzhou

Hangzhou is considered China’s most spectacular city that lies between Shanghai and Ningbo. Popular for its natural charm, it also serves as a cultural centre of Zhejiang Province. Finding cheap flights to Hangzhou is totally worth it because flying to this destination gives you access to Grand Cana, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. West Lake serves as a focal part of the city, which is enveloped by temples, bridges and countless attractions. Yue Fei, 86 stone plaques, Temple Hall and Hangzhou Botanical Gardens are the prime attractions here. If you love architecture then do not forget to explore the Liuhe, Leifeng, and Baochu.

Best Time to Visit Hangzhou

When it comes to sharing the best season, spring and autumn are considered the best to explore Hangzhou. So, plan your trip either in March-May or from September-mid November. Though you may find warm temperature it is not hot so you stay comfortable while exploring outdoor attractions. Spring is the best season if you wish to see the flowers blossom at the West Lake.

How to Book Cheap Flights to Hangzhou?

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