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brussels airlines Flight Deals

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Want to gain an overwhelmingly rich experience flying in Europe’s leading Airline? Like to explore your dream destination while adding comfort and preference of the heaven? Journeyxpertis offering the best ever and the most happening bargains on air tickets. We have comprehensive packages from Brussels Airlines that are perfectly suited for the needs of the travellers. At Journey xpert, we cover every mile of the travellers, and add a valuable flying experience on Brussels Airlines. Whether the travellers are seeking a completely unforgettable pleasure, or searching for a soulful and metaphysical rebound of highest order, we arrange it for you in Brussels Airlines. The expert travel consultants working at Journeyxpertnot just give you the commitment, but also strive way ahead to drive the memories of travellers into the world of new thoughts.

Inflight Features: The Free and The Forbidden Pleasures

Comfort has a whole new meaning aboard Brussels Airlines. The business class seats are luxurious and flat bed with an automated massage function. There is also an especially modifiable lumbar cushion, with extra padding provided by cottony pillow and fleece blanket. Travellers are treated like gods in the business class of Brussels Airlines. Gourmet meals, complimentary drinks, champagne, plus the usual range of snacks and sandwiches are always there.

The premium economy class seats on intercontinental flights generates the feeling of being in the world of angels, gliding high up in the air. There is definitely more leg room space, comfortable armrest along with the headrest and 40 Degrees seat reclining.

The economy class cabin comes with facility to make the choice of extra legroom, of course, this is for an extra fee. There is an onboard menu that provides sufficient space to buy yourself snacks, wraps, salads, drinks and different types of sandwiches. If the flight has more than 3 hours flying time, the Economy Class cabin is served with hot meals, Belgian fries and sauces plus everything that gives you a pure European feeling.

The Preferred Zone seats in Brussels Airlines and fitted on the front side of Economy Class cabin gives traveller to de-board plane after it has touched and tarmac. Movie buffs and game freaks have more on every flight of Brussels Airlines on the personal interactive screen. The entertainment booms up every second. The comprehensive duty free cataloguing renders a truly enriching shopping bonanza onboard.

Historical Relevance

Brussels Airlines is a youthful company with its operations dating back to the year 2002, and its operation started soon after the parent company SN Air Holding came into existence with investments from 40 partners. The prime focus behind the creation of Brussels Airlines was to ensure deep air connectivity within Europe and other parts of the world. SN Brussels later united with economised Virgin Express airline and both will operate under the aegis of SN Air Holding. Much to the amazement of a traveller, Brussels Airlines is backed with a whopping 90 plus years of experience in Belgian Aeronautics and Space.

The year 2008 witnessed selling out a part of the stake to Lufthansa Group by Brussels Airlines, with a regulatory approval consummated between two airlines. With the approval on the anvil, Lufthansa acquired an early 45% stake in the SN Air Holding, although, from January 2017, Deutsche Lufthansa AG has 100% ownership. Brussels Airlines is also the official member of Star Alliance from 2009.

Insta Check-In Facility

Journey xpert brings you a completely euphonic and balanced way of travelling and enjoying their vacations. We have a secured online platform where the travellers have the advantage of booking their seats on Brussels Airlines from 24 Hours of their flight departure. All the travellers need to do is add their destination, flight timings and the number of seats, and let us take care of rest of the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –Brussels Airlines

Ques. What is the best time to fly to Brussels?

Ans. March through October is the nice time to visit Brussels as during this time the room rent is pretty cheap, and weather is enjoyable too. June and July are considered to be the high travelling seasons, while the cheapest month to fly to Brussels is January and February.
Ques. How long is the flight to Brussels from the UK?

Ans. There are different flights operational from the UK to the Brussels Airport. In general, the flight from London, Manchester and Edinburgh to Brussels will take an average more than 1 Hours. Make sure you check out the precise flight timings at Journey xpert UK.
Ques. Which Airlines has direct flights from the UK to the Brussels?

Ans. Ryanair has scheduled flights from Edinburgh and Manchester to Brussels, and likewise, there are also scheduled flights of Brussels Airlines from London, Birmingham and Manchester straight to Brussels. Again, it is better you compare the timings at Journey xpert, and plan your trip.
Ques. What is the distance of Belgium from England by plane?

Ans. The calculable distance between Belgium and England is 275 Miles, which will take a little less or a little more than an hour to arrive on the scheduled time.